The Myths Presentation
I've an associated presentation that talks about the problems, works thru several examples, provides a quick learning science overview, and talks about what to do, going forward. It's entertaining and informative. Here's what attendees have said:

  • "One of the best and most thought provoking sessions I’ve seen"
  • "I’m now questioning every presentation I’ve been to. Which is good. I feel like I can have an intelligent conversation and not just nod and say yes."
  • "Fascinating session… interesting information that made me rethink some things I think and believe. "
  • "Sessions like this are EXACTLY what I am seeking"
  • "Excellent content. Should be required learning"
  • "So important that all T&D professionals should know"
  • "Great session"
  • "Great info. Probably the most valuable session I attended at the conference."
  • "Fantastic style, fascinating and refreshing information and opinions."
  • "Inspiring"
  • "Awesome, down to earth and knowledgeable"

The Myths Workshop
I've developed a day long workshop on learning science that works systematically through the scientific basics of cognition and learning, and points out both myths and implications for design. It's interactive, with experiential learning and practical design challenges. This is the workshop to get folks ready to bust past myths and into designing effective learning experiences.
In this workshop, you'll learn
  • about our cognitive architecture
  • the strengths and limitations for thinking, working, and learning
  • where and what myths exist
  • the associated design implications
  • superstitions and misconceptions about design, development, and evaluation

You'll leave with a solid basis to design learning that 'sticks'.

Contact me to book either or both of the keynote or the workshop for your event!